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I’m flattered you like my photos! If you are interested in using my photos to promote or share my recipe, you may surely do so, I do ask that you link back to my page directly. 

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Every recipe is inspired by something or someone. Many of my recipes are recipes I grew up with and learned from my parents. I also learned to bake over the years inspired by Food Network, Chopped, Ina Garten and Martha Stewart! If a recipe was inspired or adapted from another website or person, I will surely give due credit to that individual. I do ask the same of you. If you’d like to use my recipe on your blog, no problem but please link back to my page directly. 

In the End

Honestly, I love sharing recipes! I love cooking, baking and learning all sorts of new tricks. I have learned so much from my own parents and consider this blog an online storybook and cookbook for my kids one day. So when in doubt about if you should link back to my page, please do! Lots of time, effort and energy go into each post and photo, so credit back would be awesome! You can always reach me at hello (at) cosetteskitchen (dot) com with any questions! Thanks for visiting!