Mother’s Day Gift Idea Roundup

Mother’s Day Gift Idea Roundup

Whether you’re a mother and get to splurge on something yourself or you’re looking to buy something special for someone close to you. Here is a quick little roundup of some wonderful gift ideas sure to be loved!

A Few of My Favorite Things

If you have someone that loves to cook – how about a gift subscription to cooking classes? Head to the page to learn more!

My absolute latest obsession – this Blackstone Flattop grill! I may never use my traditional grill again. It’s sooooo much fun to use and endless possibilities. Check out my latest breakfast setup!

I’m not going to lie, if someone you know loves to cook – having a quality knife is KEY! I adore my Shun knives.

If you haven’t made the plunge to the world of Instant Pot you – YOU MUST! I definitely don’t cook everything in there but it does make the most perfect hard boiled eggs, shredded meats and ribs in less than an hour!!! It’s a game changer!

If we start to chat beauty care – one of my favorite brands is Kiehl’s – they really offer quality products. This nighttime serum is so wonderful and smells delightful as well!

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? I haven’t been going to the spa so I like to make my own special day. This mud mask has been AMAZING for my skin and I try to do it weekly as a bit of self-care.

I know, I know – these are not the most glamourous flipflops but I promise you that if you’re someone special is on their feet all day at home – THEY NEED THESE!!! I can no longer be barefoot and these have SAVED my feet, back and legs!

Literally ANYTHING from Portland Leather – they are my favorite leather shop and their bags are so affordable. Don’t forget to check the “Almost Perfect Sale” for KILLER deals!!! I have 3 bags from them – crossbody, tote and larger tote for my laptop.

Have a Lovely Weekend

I hope you have a lovely weekend no matter how you decide to celebrate and hey, no one will judge you if you buy something for yourself!!!!!! Sending lots of love and hugs your way!!


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