Instagram Break

Instagram Break

We ate a lot of ice cream, everyday from my dad’s shop, Faouzi’s Talk of the Town

So I took a break…

I could very easily go into a Ross + Rachel analogy, but I’ll spare you and just chat about my Instagram break. 

Day 1 went by and I may have twitched a few times as I unlocked my phone. There was a gaping hole where my Instagram app used to be. Also, pretty sure there would be a wear mark on there if it wasn’t made of glass. The first few days of breaking any habit are always difficult but they also make you realize how addicted your really are! 

Instagram is my vice! It’s the platform that I have used to build my blog, my business and network with many amazing people and companies. So it’s more than just a social app for me. But what happens when you’re on vacation, visiting with family and being on your phone 24/7 isn’t an option? You take a break! That’s exactly what I did. 


Truth be told, I had to google what that meant a few months ago. “Fear of Missing Out” if you’re just as naive (dare I say as old) as me! When I decided to take this break, I had some fears as anyone would. I had fears of missing opportunities, losing followers, missing what was going on in the Instagram world (like any addict). I had the fear of being off social media and not being able to come back as strong. But after day 3 I lost those fears. Sure, I knew I wasn’t going to skyrocket and gain thousands of followers while I was “out of the office”. But that’s okay! It’s good to take a step back. It’s kind of like a space continuum, time is still moving and relevant but it’s slowed down and paused for bit, you can jump back into it at anytime. 


I realized a few things this week besides the fact that I’m helplessly addicted to Instagram. I realized how much I missed connecting with people, many I have never met but can truly and honestly call my friends. Wondering what they baked, how their kids are, what trips they have taken or how that project is going they’ve been working on. Sure, I have friends I connect with via text and in person but I also believe I have an Insta Family.

Another realization I made is that my blog comes first, it’s my baby, the platform that I CONTROL! The blog is where my followers should follow! Instagram is like the wild card in the deck of cards. Some days it’s your lucky day and others your luck just isn’t there. This break made me realize that I don’t have to post everyday, 3 times a day! But post when I want to share, when I have new content that is relevant. I will ALWAYS be available to my followers, the ones that want to see and learn new recipes or ideas. I will continue to post to my stories as regularly as I can because I think stories are fantastic! They are real, personal and intimate. I don’t try to fit perfection into stories, just real life. 

childhood, instagram, break, summer
Kids and I spent time outside, enjoying the slow summer days.

Another break? 

Will I take another break in the future? Absolutely! 

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll plan it like I did this particular one but I feel that I can take a break anytime I need. If I need the weekend to refresh, cook, bake, clean, hang with my kids, I will do it without a second thought. If I don’t have anything special to share, I won’t! I won’t go digging for some fabulous photo I took a while back just because I “need to post”. I think more than anything, this little experiment taught me that I can and need to live more in the present.  Even though my business is social, photography and food, it is okay to pause.

I hope I have inspired you to take a break or time off if you need it. Don’t have FOMO or anxiety about living in the present for a while. Enjoy the quiet moments, enjoy your family and know that everything will still be there when you return. 

lavender, flowers
Stop and smell the flowers, it’s okay to take a break.






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  • We are happy you took a break too! When your food and content are as great as yours is, you should not fear being forgotten. Like everything else in life, people want what they can’t have, so you made us crave it a little more… 🖤

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